Brno hosts the draw of EMF EURO 2017

28.3.2017 / EMF EURO

EMF Euro 2017 is approaching. Bobycentrum hotel in Brno will host the draw of the basic groups tomorrow.


This Wednesday, 29 th March 2017, the best teams of the old continent will find out their opponents in the initial phase of the grand championship which will be held from 9th to 17th June 2017 in Brno, the Czech Republic. The Championship will be attended by 24 teams divided into six basic groups.

The opening official ceremony, which will be held at two o´clock in the conference room of a luxury hotel Bobycentrum, more than two months before the start of this celebration of minifootball, will introduce the draw of basic groups of EMF Euro 2017. The ceremony will be attended by top representatives of minifootball: the head of the World Minifootball Federation and also of the Czech Minifootball Association, Mr. Filip Juda and the President of the European Minifootball Federation, Mr. David Tibor from Hungary. A press conference will be held after the draw.

The eighth consecutive European championship will last for nine days and will take place at the arena Za Lužánkami which will be built specially for this tournament. It will be erected on the site of the former legendary ice hockey stadium, where Kometa Brno gathered all their eleven titles in ice hockey.

Bobycentrum Hotel is located next to the site. "It will be the biggest and the best event in the short history of the European Minifootball Federation. I am proud and excited that the top event of European minifootball will be hosted by my hometown - Brno. We cannot wait to welcome all the teams and all the countries of our growing minifootball family," said the head of this sport Filip Juda.